Redefining the Recruitment Process for All

We build technology solutions to enable people to find their fit job, earn income, gain experience and grow

About Sabbar

We are a Saudi tech-startup which launched in 2019 to create technology solutions to boost the recruitment process in the F&B, retail, service and events industry.

Head Office

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Across Saudi Arabia





Our Vision

Transform the way people find their jobs by helping them build their profile easy and one time to open unlimited opportunities based on their interests

Beyond Work

Transform the way people work by creating a culture of hustling and inspiring people to become proactive, develop their professional skills, and grow personally to create a positive impact on their lives.

Creating job opportunities

We create job opportunities by reaching out to businesses and publishing their job vacancies needs which connect to thousands of candidates list who are looking for similar job

Our Values

Be yourself

We are NOT a family, we are best friends. There is nothing to hide or pretend you like the food.

Hava a Radical Candor

We grow exponentially by thriving on a culture of giving, receiving, and encouraging honest feedback.

Build human connections

Everyone has a story of their own and something interesting to share, be the one that unfolds that.

Driven by purpose

Have a clear vision of why you are here today and hold the torch to where you aspire to be.

Cultivate personal growth

You are on an on-going process to challenge yourself and leap into experiments

Life at Sabbar