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Hamburgini | 80 Hourly Staffers in 48 Hours using Sabbar

March 29, 2021

3 minutes read
3 minutes read

March 29, 2021

Lockdown, travel restrictions, and consistent and sudden changes in demand are all incredible challenges that the F&B and retail industries faced in 2020 both in Saudi and worldwide.

Hamburgini among others in the industry made extensive efforts to follow safety guidelines required by the Ministry of Health to keep their operations going and meet their target sales. In addition, Hamburgini is working to expand its reach by opening 3 branches across Saudi every month.

Nawaf Al Fawzan, CEO of Hamburgini, noticed an increase in sales at the end of 2020, especially in key branches. To maintain operational stability, Hamburgni had to act fast and hire staffers to fulfill cashier, host, temperature screener, and crew member roles as soon as possible.

Problem: Urgent Need for Qualified Staff to Manage High Demand

Hamburgini aimed to hire 80 staffers in a short amount of time due to:

  • Sudden increase in demand especially in main branches & the need to manage a high number of customers and orders from food delivery apps.
  • Changes in Covid-19 social distancing regulations that required urgent implementation to avoid fees, loss of revenue, and lay-offs.
  • The emerging need to fulfill new roles such as temperature screeners and safety officers to keep social distancing in check.

But the main challenge lies in the requirements. Staffers needed to:

  • Have the technical expertise and training to fulfill cashier roles and navigate app delivery systems.
  • Live close to Hamburgini’s wide-spread branches in Riyadh & Jeddah to provide immediate assistance when needed.
  • Be on time to avoid loss of revenue and maintain consistent branch operations.
  • Be at the branch at all times to avoid covid-19-related fees, especially for temperature screeners.
  • Follow required attire to preserve the brand look and feel.

Solution: Using Sabbar’s Hourly Staffing Technology to Hire Qualified Staffers

Hamburgini contacted Sabbar to:

  • Cover thousands of shifts across multiple branches in less than two days.
  • Hire vetted staff that fulfill Hamburgini’s specific skill, communication, and health card / food safety requirements.
  • Maintain operations by tracking staffers’ attendance rate, and providing immediate replacement if the staffer is unqualified or a no-show.

Results: Thousands of Shifts Covered by Hourly Staffers

Within three months, Sabbar achieved:

  • 98% shift fulfillment rate across 33 branches in Riyadh & Jeddah.
  • 5,444 shifts, or 35,604 hours covered by qualified staff.
  • 96% average attendance rate for all staffers.
  • Less than 1% no-show rate.

Hourly staffers enabled Hamburgini to achieve their target sales goals and maintain operational consistency across all branches. In addition, Hamburgini was able to create a reliable custom pool made of 500+ vetted and qualified network of staff who are now brand experts and ready to work at any time.

In the Future ..

Using Sabbar’s technology for hourly staffing allowed Hamburgini to reach its target sales and increase its revenue. Not only that but by transferring part of their staffing efforts to Sabbar, Hamburgini was able to focus on expanding and increasing its branches from 60 to 80 in 2021 and thus achieving their long-term company goals.

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