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How flexible Staffing Can Transform your Business | Become A Sabbar Partner!

June 2, 2022

6 minutes read
6 minutes read

June 2, 2022

Sabbar is a Saudi-based tech startup specializing in developing and creating staffing solutions through connecting qualified Saudi job seekers with business on-demand through a flexible-worker contract.

Currently, Sabbar caters to Retail and F&B.

Why do you need flexible staffing?

In short: the ups outweigh the downs! There are several blog posts on Sabbar dedicated to the benefits of flexible staffing. Read: 5 Reasons why companies use flexible staffing and so should you! And Full Time VS Flexible Staffing Recruitment Cost.

In this article, we will walk you through the most important solutions and benefits that Sabbar’s flexible-staffing can offer!

How can Sabbar help you?

1. We take care of your recruitment and operations processes

Sabbar takes care of the recruitment process, interview, contracts, payment, attendance, and overall quality monitoring.

How exactly?

We offer a platform for those interested or in need of blue-collar positions (our giggers). Through which they can sign up and provide their information. Following that, we ask them for a video interview to evaluate their English proficiency, their communication and salesmanship skills. Furthermore, we match each candidate with the right role and shift per their skills.  

Let’s say you needed 100 staff all in one day for an event, Sabbar is your best chance at finding all those (qualified) 100 in 1 day with the least amount of effort on your end. We reduce your overhead costs in acquisition, human resources, and operations all year round, but most importantly, during your busiest times!

2. We reduce your operational costs

Every sector and industry has Its peak and low periods. The fluctuation between the two periods could be happening daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. The golden rule here is: you need less staff during your low seasons, and more during your peaks! But how can you apply that rule without adding to your overhead and increasing your operational costs? Flexible staffing!

One of the most common problems we have noticed with our partners during our initial business-needs analysis have to do with staff numbers and schedules (Read: How to boost your sales? Change your employee’s schedule!).

This problem usually appears in one of two ways:

2.1 Overstaffing (most common):

Most businesses rely on hiring more full-time or part-time employees during peak times and seasons. Over-looking the fact that those employees drain their financial and operational resources during low periods.

2.2 Understaffing

On the opposite side of the spectrum, some businesses tend to under-staff all year round! This problem usually intensifies during peak seasons when the demand is higher than the supply. Often-times this issue’s immediate solution is to ask their full-timers to work over-time. That, in turn, increases operational costs and usually builds up throughout the season (keep in mind that for F&B, weekends are considered busy “seasons”, can you imagine the additional cost accumulating on a weekly basis?).

Flexible staffing allows you to hire per-need, with fewer costs and without a long-term commitment to one employee. You can hire five additional staff members during the first three days of Eid, pay them per hour, and not have that added to your monthly payroll all year round.

Furthermore, flexible staff are exempt from the mandatory medical insurance work regulation, social insurance, and paid leaves as well.

Overall, your business is saving about 10 – 15% of operational costs, and you can calculate how much you save when hiring by the hour (and compare it to the cost of hiring full or part-time employees!) through Sabbar’s Recruitment Costs Calculator.

3. A solution for turn-over rates!

Sabbar’s flexible staffing solution reduces your turnover costs. How? You hire per need and through a platform. You are not contracting a particular employee. Hence, their resignation is not your problem. On top of that, Sabbar always provides a replacement if that problem occurs during any shift.

Remember: the money and effort you save by hiring through Sabbar, can be put into great use: your product, sales, and business development!

4. Managing staff through Sabbar’s app

After you upload your shift request, the shift is then uploaded to Sabbar’s Giggers’ app where our giggers can view it and apply for it.

After that, the most qualified candidate is matched with your shift request. How are they selected? Based on three things: 1. Skills 2. Previous ratings 3. Time of application (in cases where the first two criteria points are tied!).

After that, Sabbar monitors their attendance and your rating of the gigger after the shift. On top of that, Sabbar provides you with a replacement during no-shows or urgent cases. All you have to do is train them on your business-specific tasks, and observe them during their shift.

5. Sabbar is your one-stop-shop


We do the following:

  1. Vet each candidate/gigger for you.
  2. Monitor performance quality consistently.
  3. Implement a strike and block system.  
  4. Reward accomplished and excellent giggers.
  5. Give you the option of choosing giggers to work with consistently when possible.
  6. Follow up on any issue and/or concern from our partners and create solutions accordingly.
  7. Provide workshops and training to Sabbar’s giggers community.
  8. Provide thorough educational content across all Sabbar’s platforms based on market needs, partners’ needs, and giggers’ needs (Read: Guide: Onboarding and training for Retail and F&B staff from A to Z | Includes downloadable templates and [Checklist] The Full Guide to Tawteen in Malls and Sales Outlets).
  9. Support a community of flexible staff who inspire and lead each other to perform better.

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