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الوصف Supervise the receiving, sorting, and dispatching of aircraft parts and expandable and consumable materials to ensure timely and accurate distribution to various destinations. Lead and supervise a team of warehouse staff, including storekeepers and good receiving inspectors. Provide them guidance, training and support to ensure that tasks are completed efficiently and safely. Use inventory management software and systems to track inventory levels, ensuring accurate record-keeping, and monitor stock levels to avoid overstocking or stockouts. Enforce safety protocols, guidelines and regulations to create a secure working environment for all warehouse employees, includes ensuring proper handling of hazardous materials and compliance with aviation and transportation regulations. Implement quality control measures to ensure that cargo is handled, stored and transported in a manner that preserves its integrity it may involve inspecting shipments, verifying documentation, and addressing any issues that arise. Oversee the maintenance and upkeep of warehouse equipment, vehicles and facilities to ensure they are in good working condition, includes scheduling regular maintenance, repairs, and replacements as necessary. Collaborate with various departments within the airline, such as flight operations, ground handling, customer service and logistics, to ensure seamless coordination and communication. Identify, troubleshoot and resolve any operational issues, delays or discrepancies that arise during cargo handling and distribution. Develop, monitor and identify opportunities for improving key performance indicators (KPIs) related to warehouse operations, such as on-time delivery, cargo handling accuracy, and inventory turnover. Implement process improvements to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of warehouse operations, includes suggesting changes to workflow and optimising resource allocation. Equip warehouse staff with the necessary skills and knowledge by providing training to new employees and ongoing developmental opportunities for existing employees. المتطلبات Minimum bachelor’s degree in logistics, supply chain management, aviation management, or a related field. Dangerous Goods (DG) Certification. Human Factors. Minimum five (5) years’ experience working in a warehouse. Thorough understanding of aviation regulations, security protocols and compliance standards specific to cargo handling. Proficiency in logistics principles and supply chain management. Strong written and verbal communication. Strong problem solving and decision-making abilities. الملخص المجال: طيران الخبرة المطلوبة: 5 سنة (سنوات) كحد أدنى التخصص: العمليات سلسلة التوريد المستوى الوظيفي: خبرة مهنية المعدل التراكمي الأدنى: 70


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